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Kennedy First United Methodist Church, Kennedy, NY     space          Pastor, Jennifer Delahoy


What doth the Lord require of thee, but to do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God?

- Micah 6:8



All Are Welcome!
Kennedy First United Methodist Church
3594 Church St., P.O. Box 115
Kennedy, NY 14747-0115

Phone: 716-267-2645




Members and Regular Attendees:  No fee for use of sanctuary or fellowship hall.  Check with the church office for availability.  White tables and metal or wooden chairs may be borrowed.  Arrangements must be made with the church office at least one week prior to date of use.
Tables and chairs must be returned in a timely manner.

$50.00 for use of sanctuary (for weddings – includes rehearsal)
$25.00 for use of sanctuary
$50.00 for use of fellowship hall and kitchen

In addition, a $25.00 refundable deposit will be collected prior to rental.  This will be returned upon satisfactory inspection of building following the event.

Payment in cash is expected one week prior to the event.

Applicant must complete a Facility Use Instruction Form.


Sanctuary and rooms used must be left clean.  Garbage should be taken with you following the event.

Please be sure all candles are extinguished and your personal items and decorations are taken with you unless arrangements have been made in advance.

No alcohol use permitted on the premises, including champagne.

Please refer to the Facility Use Instruction Form for further expectations.

When using the facility, if anything is wrong or if there is an incident, please call Mike Telford at 267-5305, Steve Hatfield at 665-2607 or Pastor Jennifer Delahoy at 287-3099.


>>>Click here to download this policy


Kennedy United Methodist Church
Facility Use Instructions


Function: __________________________________________

Person in charge: _______________________________________________________

Phone Number: ________________________

Date (s) of Use: _________________________________________________________

Time Period: ___________________________________________________________

Space Requested: _______________________________________________________


When using the facility, if anything is wrong or if there is an incident – please call Mike Telford at 267-5305, Steve Hatfield at 665-2607, Pastor Jennifer at 287-3099 or the church office at     267-2645 if during normal business hours.



Please leave the building as you found it.
Turn off lights.
Lock doors.
Check bathrooms – flush toilets – Be sure the toilet water is not running when you leave.
Please take all garbage with you.
No taping things to the walls.
No use of “Silly String” or glitter of any kind.
Cover tables with plastic tablecloths when doing craft projects – especially paint or glue.
Wipe down tables.
Sweep or mop floor.
Please do not leave any projects – if you make it, you take it.
Kitchen use – make sure oven is turned off; no food products left on counters or in the refrigerators; make sure refrigerator doors are closed.


I have reviewed the expectations and am aware of these.  I have received a copy of this instruction sheet for my file.

Signatures:  ________________________________  _______________________________

Pastor or Trustee

Date: _________________________________


>>>>>Click here to download these instructions